10 best airlines in the world 2017.

Every year aviation insights companies present lists of the world’s best airlines based on their on-time performance. When stating the best airlines in the world, such aspects are paid special attention to as the general safety, customer satisfaction level, ticket pricing, the condition of airplanes, and the number of flights performed during the year. Impressions of millions of travelers from hundreds of countries are taken into account when deciding top best airlines in the world.

Survey questionnaire includes ground/airport (online booking and check-in, baggage, airport ticketing, pre-boarding procedures, airport staff, transfer and arrival services, baggage delivery, etc.), onboard product (cabin and toilet cleanliness, seat comfort, cabin amenities, reading materials, quality and quantity of food, beverage choice, selection and prices of buy-board F&B, etc.) and cabin service (service friendliness and attentiveness, PA announcements, the attitude of the staff and service consistency, assisting families, etc.) topics. So, here is the world’s best airlines rating.

Best airlines 2017.  Rating of the most secure and comfortable airlines.

10 «British Airways»

British Airways.
British Airways

British Airways is a global airline which offers its customers’ year-round low fares plus an immense global route network. Its airplanes fly to and from the world’s centrally-located airports. The company’s airplanes fly to over three hundred destinations across the globe carrying about 40 million passengers every year.

Founded in 1974, the British Airline appeared in the list of the best airlines more than a few times! The company is engaged in worldwide air cargo business, too. The Airways has a huge fleet with over two hundred and eighty airplanes. What concerns the employees of the airline company, there are around 3600 pilots, 15000 cabin crew, 5500 engineers employed by the company. The total number of BA employees is 40000!

The British Airways provides its customers a series of benefits. These are:
1. free of charge F&B on all flights (BA passengers eat over six tons of caviar on board annually);
2. free of charge selection of seats within a day after the departure;
3. free check-in;
4. free debit card bookings;
5. generous allowance of free baggage.

The rating of airlines 2017 gives the British Airways the tenth place.

9 «Korean Air»

Korean Air.
Korean Air

Korean Air is another mega-popular company included in the rating of the world’s airlines. In 2016, the company celebrated its seventieth anniversary. Today Korean Air airplanes fly to around 135 destinations only thirteen of which are domestic. All these destinations are spread on Asian, Oceania, European, Middle Eastern, African, North American and South American countries.

By the end of 2016, 160 aircraft were counted in the fleet of Korean Air Company. According to the Airline Ratings, this airline company has the highest flight safety rating. Particularly this feature, along with service excellence and premium aircraft put the company on the ninth place in the best airlines rating.

8 «Lufthansa»


The foundation of the biggest airline in Germany and one of the largest in Europe Lufthansa dates back to 1926. Surely the operation of the company was ceased during the World War II, yet it was resumed in 1955. Lufthansa is included in the safety rating for airlines 2016-2017 due to the quality, reliability, security and ingenuity of the services provided. Anyway, the current popularity and trust to Lufthansa can be conditioned under the refill of the fleet with new A380 super-jumbos and 748-8 Intercontinentals.

Lufthansa operates in several areas at the same time. These are passenger and cargo services, airplane maintenance, tourism, aviation food, and IT services. The company is a member of “Star Alliance” based in 1997. Other members of the alliance include Thai Airways International, SAS, Air Canada and United Airlines. The rating for airlines safety 2017 places Lufthansa on the eight place.

7 «Qantas»


Qantas is the world’s second oldest airline (founded in 1920) after KLM. Previously ranked the tenth, Qantas Airlines takes the seventh place within the rating of the world’s best airlines of this year. Like many other reputable airlines, this Australian company, too, is in an impressive alliance named “OneWorld”. Other members of the alliance are Qatar, Finnair, Japan Airlines, British Airways, Iberia, S7 Airlines, American Airlines, Malaysia Airlines.

The wide spectrum of destinations, responsible approach toward each and every client, the impressive fleet and a high level of flight safety make Qantas among the bests in the rating of safe airlines. Qantas looks after passengers with specific needs more carefully. The airline has developed a special team to look after disabled people on the board.

Qantas is determined to do everything necessary for helping its passengers feel utmost comfortable and satisfied. That’s why the airline has equipped all its airplanes with in-flight entertainment devices. Qantas definitely knows how to provide its passengers with luxury flights! By the way, it was Qantas who first invented the business class (1979).

6 «EL AL»


The IATA ranked EL AL as one of the most efficient ones in the whole world. Putting punctuality, creativity, and professionalism in the first place, this airline serves millions of passengers annually. It is honorably included in the rating of the safest airlines and takes the sixth place.

This Israeli airline is considered one the most secure airlines in the whole world due to the missile defense systems. Besides, an undercover air marshal is present on every international flight. This definitely inspires confidence in passengers! EL AL has only Boeing airplanes in its fleet.


EL AL Israel Airlines offers some of the cheapest prices in the industry. Surely this attracts passengers. Yet, despite the low costs on tickets, the airline does everything for its passengers to feel safe and comfortable on board. Even disabled passengers are approached with care and attention.
Israel’s national airline set a world record for carrying the most passengers on a commercial flight several years ago!

5 «Nippon Airways – ANA»

Nippon Airways - ANA.
Nippon Airways – ANA
Nippon Airways - ANA. first class meal
Nippon Airways – ANA. first class meal

The largest airline in Japan Nippon Airways – ANA is already sixty-four years old! First, the company was named All Nippon Airways, but in 2013 the company changed its corporate name to ANA. From that year on, ANA has had a holding company structure. Today the company employs over twenty thousand people. ANA airplanes annually carry around fifty million passengers! This is an impressive number most airlines can only dream of. In recent years, the company entered the market of low-priced carriers thus obtaining even more passengers.

Nippon Airways – ANA has around two hundred and thirty airplanes in its fleet. Most of them are equipped with slide-forward style reclining seats to provide their passengers with even a higher level of privacy.

Skytrax World Airline Awards rewarded ANA the highest five-star Airline Rating for being the best airline of passengers in entire Asia. The air company was praised for cleanliness, overall crew service, and safety, of course. Included in the airlines’ reliability and safety rating, ANA is worth its passengers’ trust!

4 «KLM»


The world’s oldest airline KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (established in 1919), is as popular as those years. The rating of safe airlines gives the company the fourth position.
KLM cares not only for its passengers but for its employees, too. It has over thirty-two thousand employees under its command and pays attention to their health and development. This, in its turn, enhances their efficiency. KLM has made it an aim to become the most customer-centric, efficient and innovative network carrier in entire Europe.


The airlines rating gives KLM the fourth position for its devotion to its passengers – whether they are people or animals! One of KLM’s specialties is animal transportation. Particularly this company was the first to transport live animals and is the world’s largest animal transporter today, too. Any animal type including as livestock, dogs, ornamental fish, and horse, so Zoo animals are transported either in the cargo hold of combination aircraft or in separate aircraft with professional animal stewards on the board.

3 Etihad Airways & Singapore Airlines

Etihad Airways.
Etihad Airways

Abu Dhabi-based Etihad Airways travels to over a hundred destinations. The prices for tickets to fly on board of an Airbus or Boeing belonging to Etihad Airways fleet are not so cheap. Actually, the airline has made an emphasis on providing luxury flights, which are designed for wealthy people.

That’s why it has won all the nominations related to First Class and Business Class. The airline provides its passengers with such advantages as duty-free shopping, Wi-Fi, lavish seats, amazing catering menu, hot meals, around three hundred TV shows, sixty interactive games to play on the board, special care for unaccompanied kids and elderly men, etc.

Etihad Airways б
Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways fleet is composed on exceptionally safe and innovative airplanes designed for providing sophisticated flights. The most luxury dining, ample space, the latest in-flight entertainment systems and spotless service are what Etihad Airways passengers can’t complain of.
This airline weekly performs over one thousand flights to Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa, the North and South Americas, and Australia. It annually carries around 15 million passengers.

All these features make Etihad Airways one of the best airlines in the world in 2017. They share the third place in the world airlines rating with Singapore Airlines.

Singapore Airlines
Singapore Airlines

This airline offers some of the most capacious and comfortable airplane seats in the world. In recent years, Singapore Airlines made an emphasis on its First Class amenities. Reclining seats in the First Class and Business Class feature an extra mattress layer and a padded headboard. They can easily be turned into full-flat beds. There are reading lights with adjustable brightness, Wi-Fi connection, innovative entertainment systems with LCD and video touchscreens.

2 Emirates


In as little as thirty years, Dubai’s Emirates became one of the best long-haul carriers in the world. Now it may seem unbelievable that the company started its way with only two used Boeing airplanes and a $10-million capital. Nowadays the carrier operates around 2500 flights every week. Its airplanes fly to sixty-two countries! It performs some truly long non-stop commercial flights from Dubai to US cities (Houston, San Francisco, and LA).


The company’s fleet includes 151 airplanes 88 of which are Boeing 777s and 13 A380s.
Having only three incidents since its foundation in 1985 and no casualty, Emirates Airline has its honorable place in the airline reliability rating.

1 Qatar


Qatar has been recognized as the best airline in the world in 2017! This is a very young airline (founded in 1993), which has already managed to win the title of the world’s best airline for several times! It is also considered one of the most luxurious airlines.


This airline’s fleet is one of the youngest in the world. Its airplanes are averagely only four-years-old! Isn’t this already a symbol of safety? There are as narrow-body so wide-body Boeing and Airbus models in Qatar’s fleet. Private jets, meanwhile, offer privacy and the highest level of comfort for passengers. Overall, Qatar’s fleet includes 140 aircrafts that fly to 150 destinations all around the globe!
The world airline safety gave Qatar the first place in the list of the world’s most secure airlines of 2017!