Personality color. Psychology of colors

How to learn one’s character by the favorite color. The psychology of favorite colors.

Sometimes the most secret in one’s character can become obvious if you know the color preferences of a certain personality. Yes, particularly the character of a person can be identified by favorite colors, which will reveal the inner world of the person.

By the way, you can learn the mood of a person by his/her clothes, while the colors chosen for the interior will show how a person sees the world around him. You can have several favorite colors or one most-loved. All of them, like unloved colors, have their significance in the life of each of us.

Let’s learn the character of a person by color…

A color tells much about the character of a person, his emotional state at the moment. Therefore, the conclusion here is that every person can change his favorite color several times in his life. This means that the person changes himself.

For example, if you openly disliked the brown color before, but favorably treated the purple, and your opinion changed five years later, that means you lacked simplicity and straightforwardness in your life, and now they are more than enough.

The science of color therapy has already been studied enough and many know that, for example, the yellow color in the interior disposes to the positive, while the green color helps to concentrate. But how can we define the character of a person by his/her favorite colors? The theory of determining the character of a person by his favorite colors is not fully explored, yet, and some people consider it an entertainment.

Nevertheless, we suggest defining the character of a person by the preferred colors. We tried to collect the most accurate information, recommendations of psychologists and color specialists, who studied the influence of a color on the character of a person.

How to define the nature of a person by color?

According to the color therapy, every color must be present in a person’s life. One should observe the whole extravaganza of colors day by day in nature, at home, in the office and so on. It doesn’t always turn so, yet it is worth to fulfill this for one’s own health.

What would you like to decorate in your favorite color or a few favorite colors – the walls, decor items or maybe your hair? This doesn’t play any role, you may not use them in everyday life, you might just like them. Your favorite colors are always inside you and deep in your heart.

You can relax with your favorite color, imagining yourself in it and dissolving in it. Such an auto-training indisputably normalizes the psycho-emotional state, but we are not talking about this now. We are talking about the favorite color of a person and his character, depending on that color.

The color and the character of a person. Psychology of colors

The most popular colors in the wardrobe and outsiders

The character of a person is vivid by the colors of clothes you like to wear, as well as by the color scheme of your house or other preferences.

Blue color and its diverse variants can be bravely defined as one of the most popular colors in clothes. Blue is often chosen by men, yet some women are also favorable to it. All this, probably, is due to its depth and the magical power. Black is chosen by women who wish to emphasize their figures and those who have a special craving for this color. And what is hidden inside a “black” woman or such man? We shall learn about it a bit later …

The meaning of colors and human nature

Orange – fun, light-heartedness

Orange clothes

The orange color shows a carefree character of a person. It is chosen less often, and more often preferred by young men and girls. Most likely you have a few bright orange clothes survived from those times, too.

This is the color of fun, luxury, pleasure, live communication. If a person is very fond of this color in his adulthood, it means that he has a too carefree attitude to life and he lacks seriousness that is needed for achieving success.

Beautiful red – confidence, willpower

red color clothes and interior

This is the color of strength, health, and vitality. “Red people” are optimistic, and don’t love monotony in anything. Most often, such people are not introspective at all, and it is difficult for them to assess the situation objectively. Does the color affect the character of a person? The psychology found out that wearing red at least sometimes is vital for all people, as this color brings self-confidence.

The red color is the character of a person with the psychological type of a sanguine. It’s noteworthy, that from Latin, this psychological type of a personality means “bloody”. People of this type are raging with energy.

These people are very fond of attention to themselves and are not deprived of it. If you love red, then you are so sociable that you have many friends from completely different circles of society. Others tend to be closer to you because they subconsciously think that your happiness will collapse on them in a powerful stream.

Originals, dreamers, and performers of their desires – that’s how you can call people who like to dress in red or just admire this color. They do not just dream, their dreams usually have a property come true. And all because they are real.

And one more feature of red color is the sexual influence on both sexes. Confident people skillfully use this. It is stated that a woman who does not give preference to this color, dresses in a red outfit when she is ovulating.

Blue color – integrity, calmness

Blue color clothes and interior

The shades of the blue color are the colors of the sky, seas, and oceans. This is the color of delicate and changeable emotions, and lovers of everything in blue color feel deep yet can express nothing evidently. The psychology of colors says the blue color is the color of a melancholic personality but it’s not always so.

Quite often “blue people” strive for harmony and the peace of mind. If your favorite color is blue, you definitely have an uncommon nature.

“Blue people” adhere to traditions and there are many dreamers, travelers and book lovers among these people. They have many friends most of which come from childhood. It’s not boring with such people, they love to be in the society.

People preferring blue color tend to appreciate relationships and believe in ideals. There are many managers and office workers among these people as they respect their bosses.

In general, we come to the conclusion that the character of a person who loves the blue color is peaceful, balanced. These are people who carry light and warmth, they are never scandalous and avoid prickly and unbalanced people.

As for the light shades of blue color, it is the color of a personality with a more naive character yet with all the points mentioned above.

Yellow color – perfectionism, impulsiveness, humor

Yellow color clothes and interior

This is the color of happiness, wisdom, and imagination. It’s chosen by adventurers seeking novelty and self-realization. Only 5% of people choose yellow and it is the least popular among people.

Do you imagine the character of a person who likes yellow as sociable and attractive? This is partly true – they are dreamy, moderately sociable and often commit acts under the influence of their moods and emotions. They try to perform a planned job perfectly and quickly. They love the order in the house and are neat since their childhood.

Such people have a business acumen, a bright imagination, a sense of humor and try to realize themselves in life. They have high ideals, but they can avoid responsibility, preferring the freedom of thought.

The yellow color is the character of an emotional, worrying, but more often optimistic person.

If yellow is your child’s favorite color, then he definitely has a great sense of humor, loves music, dancing, and any fun. Creative imagination will help children who love the yellow color in drawing and modeling, as well as in crafts.

Green color – reliability, openness, harmony

Green color clothes and interior

This is the color of harmony and balance. Green symbolizes hope, renewal, and peace. Psychologists tend to believe that green is the color of a phlegmatic person. You can also assume that “green” people tend to be in nature at any cost since people compare this color with green foliage subconsciously but they appreciate not only this.

Independence for such people is really important, and no matter where – in relationships or at work. They don’t like obeying, as well as making a head or tail of the details of something. They think more objectively, hence there are many leaders and businessmen among them. If at a certain age a person does not take up the post of superior, he can at least successfully manage family relations.

They also care about their financial security, and how they look in front of people. They do not depend on their opinion, but the approval of others improves their self-conceit. People who have green as their favorite color, have a caring character; they are sociable, good listeners and have many friends. They express their opinions openly, without concealing anything. You can often cry on their shoulder, they will listen patiently and understand your sufferings.

Children often love green. They are persistent in everything, love animals and plants. It is better for such children to live in nature and have a pet.

Brown color – stability, straightness

Brown color clothes and interior

Those who are fond of the brown color, have a straightforward character. They never complicate the situation. They like things simple, just the way they are, without bravado and extravagance. Reliability and modesty are the main trump cards in the character of “brown” people. They are good friends who value intimacy and trust in relationships.

You are probably very conservative in your beliefs if you like brown shades. These people always strive to achieve their plans and finish what they have started. All thanks to stamina and patience, lack of impulsiveness and sharpness. The exact opposite of the brown color is orange, yellow, pink.

Pink color – tenderness, need for protection

Pink color clothes and interior

So it was led that this color is perceived as the color of all feminine and tender, romance and love. Indeed, when this color evokes a sense of delight in a person, it means you can judge his romantic nature, the desire to be protected. Among the lovers of pink are many excellent mothers, too, who treat their children with special trepidation.

If you are worried about the question how to recognize the character of a person by the colors of clothes in pink shades, just know that such people more often need security, tenderness, caring from friends, family, and even strangers. Pink also symbolizes love, but unlike red, without passion.

And another remarkable feature of such people – they subconsciously do not want to grow up. Therefore, if an adult woman is dressed in pink, probably she has spiritual problems and she categorically does not perceive the fact that she has long been independent and can solve all the problems herself.

Purple – intuition, sophistication, mysticism

Purple color clothes and interior
Purple color clothes and interior

Fans of all purple shades are direct people, who avoid traditions, rules and all that hinders them to live freely in their opinion. Purple is the color of an intellectual people: they are well-mannered, sensitive, charming.

The intuition of those who love this color is developed since childhood and extrasensory abilities may appear in the future. Such people feel a connection with the whole universe, believe in higher powers and develop themselves spiritually.

Lavender – nobility, creativity

Such people subconsciously search and notice everything noble, refined, beautiful around them and may not notice a dirty (purely external) person, communicating with him on equal terms if they feel a noble soul in them. Many creative personalities are among “lavender” people.

White – spiritual purity, courage

White color clothes and interior

Despite the fact that white color is associated with childhood, adolescence, and innocence, it is rarely chosen by children who give their preference only to bright shades. But this color itself is bright and it is chosen mostly by middle-aged people, as well as by those who start their life from scratch.

How can you know the nature of a person by color, which combines the whole spectrum of colors?

Very easily, “white” people are bold, ready to go to the end in their convictions, are purposeful and open. If you choose white colored clothes, it means you strive for perfection, you are self-confident and fearless before difficulties.

The character of a person whose favorite color is white often wants to hide his/her negative sides under white color and considers this the right decision. They are meticulous in small things, choosing a wardrobe specifically, paying much attention to it.

Black color – confidence, emotional restraint

Black color clothes and interior

It was the black color which gathered the greatest number of versatile opinions about love or hatred toward it. Some see it and become sad, others see it as perfect, adding confidence in their own strength, while others as a secret, a mystery.

Psychologists claim that black is the color of people with strong, willed, independent character, but also those who tend to close in themselves. In other words, rather introverts than people who are open to the world accept this color as their favorite.

If you choose black in clothes, you may be misinterpreted by those who have a negative opinion about this color. However, you shouldn’t change your preferences only because of this, perhaps you feel most comfortable particularly in black.

Turquoise and gray

Turquoise and gray

Such intermediate colors, as turquoise (a person’s character – the mixture of blue and green) or gray (white and black) classify people as original. Their character is a mixture of several colors.

For example, gray is the color of a calm, focused person able to find compromises. This is the color of the hard workers, as well as those who want to live without cardinal ups and downs.

Turquoise can show a person striving for excellence in everything, intuitive, generous, independent. Most of all independent and successful women choose the color of the sea wave.

As you can see, the characters of people can be learned by the colors they prefer. Although this theory is not fully studied, the opinions and observations of most psychologists are increasingly reinforced by the facts.