Short Legs: How to Dress Correctly? Peculiarities and Character Traits of People with Short Legs.

Short legs are met among as women so men quite often. In the modern society, long legs are the symbol of beauty and cause the admiration of most men.

From the podiums of famous fashion shows people are imposed to stereotypes concerned with the popularity of slender pretty women with long legs. The absence of the necessary leg length is not yet a reason to get upset and doubt yourself. Notwithstanding, even those who want to lengthen their short legs have the chance to fulfill this dream.

Women who have long enough legs can’t boast of emphasized waist more than those who have shorter legs. Many celebrities admired by millions of people have short legs. Among celebrities with short legs, there are popular American actresses: Olivia Wilde, Keira Knightley, Christina Richie and singer Rihanna.

Olivia Wilde celebrities with short legs
Olivia Wilde
Keira Knightley celebrities with short legs long torso
Keira Knightley
Christina Richie celebrities with short legs
Christina Richie

More often, legs don’t appear long in women who have “hourglass” or “pear” type bodies. Yet, such representatives of the beautiful gender attract the attention of men particularly with the curves of their bodies, as well as with their prominent hips and breasts. Subconsciously, men choose these women as mothers for their future children, cause it’s easier for owners of full thighs to carry and give birth to a healthy baby. Additionally, the bones of short women are wider and stronger.

The increased attention to long slender legs is formed by the media. According to scientific studies, the length of legs is directly connected with the problems of childbearing. Scientists have proved, that people with shorter legs are superior to others in sensuality and sexuality.

In case a girl has short legs by nature, the clothing, picked up competently and correctly will help to make legs visually longer and more slender quite easily.

How to Make Legs Visually Longer?

There are few women who have got long slender legs genetically. Therefore, the matter of visually lengthening legs is quite actual these days.

The role of posture

Straight posture brings confidence and splendor to an image. The whole body and shoulders straighten, and the legs lengthen meanwhile. To keep the right posture all the time, it is enough to imagine that an invisible rope is attached to the crown of your head and pulls the body upwards. It’s important to remember about the beautiful gait so that people around look back admiringly.

The body and legs

Legs are only a part of the entire silhouette. If the girl has an excess weight, chances to have long slender legs are drastically decreased. Hence, it is necessary to choose a comprehensive program based on healthy nutrition and suitable exercises. Cardio-drainage helps to burn fat in the thighs and get rid of cellulite, while strength exercises build up muscles and tighten the skin. Flexibility and stretching exercises help to lengthen legs and give them a beautiful outline.

If you can’t start the process of losing weight yet, you can try to keep the stomach pulled in. This simple exercise strengthens the muscles of the press and allows you to eat less food. Sunburn brings a slender look to legs, too, and helps to visually lengthen them.

The rules of choosing clothes

Clothing should be chosen in a way it won’t “divide”  the figure. Specialists in the field of style and fashion recommend avoiding horizontal lines. This pattern makes the figure squat, stocky, divides the top and bottom into parts, which detracts from the goal to become slimmer and taller.

The combinations of contrasts in clothing are dangerous for those with very short legs. The classic combination of black bottom and white top is ruinous to girls with short legs.

Shoes to lengthen legs

Shoes to lengthen legs

It’s crucial to base the choice of shoes on the color of the clothing or legs. Shoes in black color with a skirt is permissible only in case of combining them with black pantyhose.

If you want your legs not to “end” visually, it’s good to have several pairs of “nude color” shoes.  

Shoes in summertime

In summer, nude shoes are considered to be an ideal variant. To lengthen legs maximally, you need to select the most open model of heeled sandals.

Frequently girls with short legs and height intuitively choose particularly sandals as shoes for the summer. Although straps tied on the shins or ankles are in fashion now, they are not suitable for owners of short legs.

Heels give slenderness

Undoubtedly, high heels lengthen legs, but it’s important to follow certain rules when wearing high-heeled shoes:

  • Women with full calves will look ridiculous in shoes on extremely thin heels while a massive and steady heel will emphasize the beauty of their legs.
  • Even though the sharp nose of shoes makes a woman look taller, such shoes give a ridiculous look to short girls. Shoes with rounded noses perfectly suit ladies with short height, while their feet look neater.
  • Too high heels (stilettos) spoil the whole gait and posture because the legs start to “break in” when walking, and the opposite effect is what you get. The most advisable height of heels is 7 cm, especially for those beautiful ladies, who have very short legs and a slightly elongated torso. Such shoes make the silhouette more harmonious. For those who feel uncomfortable wearing shoes with such heels, it is preferable to choose 4-5 cm heels rather than give their preference to flat soles.
  • Another solution for haters of heels is the platform or the wedge. Shoes on this basis give stability and confidence, while the platform in combination with the heel, hides the length of the latter.

Shoes for short legs

Boots for lengthening legs

The visual effect of long legs is created not by thigh-high boots (bottes fortes), but by medium-length or slightly higher ones. It’s not forbidden to wear ankle boots, either, but only in the right combination – with a long skirt or tight trousers. Boots decorated with various applications, rhinestones or decorations, are undesirable. Such decor elements make short thick legs appear even more massive and bulky. For lengthening the legs, you should pay attention to brightly colored boots.

Choosing the right color for slenderness

Sharp contrasts are unacceptable, hence it is preferable to combine shoes in black color with clothes in dark tones. Light pantyhose, meanwhile, should be paired with nude shoes. A dress with a body-fitted silhouette looks perfect and accentuates all the proportions of the body, while not making the emphasis on the waist. In order not to make your legs more massive, you should put on skirts and trousers made of smooth fabrics, rather than bulk ones.

Those wishing to lengthen their legs should pay attention to the choice of trousers:

  • Classic cut, with arrows, that “stretch” the legs;
  • Slightly slacked from the knee;
  • With a high waist;
  • Tight in black color;
  • Vertically striped trousers;
  • Short shorts will suit only those who have short but slender enough legs.
  • Shoes and pants are better to be of the same color.

clothes for short legs

To lengthen short legs, it’s necessary to choose trousers with maximal length – up to the floor.

The Rules of Wearing Skirts

For the purpose of visual lengthening of the legs, medium-length or very short skirts should be present in the wardrobe.

  • Both variants of skirts look great in combination with shoes or sandals in nude color.
  • Medium-length skirts harmonize with shoes in dark color and pantyhose in light colors.
  • It is ideal to wear mini skirts with high boots.

If a girl worries about her short legs, clothes in the right shades in combination with competently picked up shoes can easily solve this problem. Here are things short-legged beauties should avoid:

  • Thigh-high boots;
  • Breeches, especially those with pockets on sides;
  • Ankle-length bottillons;
  • The combination of black bottom and white top.

clothes for short legs

Tops and blouses for women with short legs

Sweaters, tops, and blouses should be chosen with a correct silhouette lengthening patterns. Patterns in stripes or simply vertical stripes will be good. The length should be below the waist, and the style not fitted.

Tops with a deep V cut have a very effective visual effect, too. In combination with a maxi skirt or striped trousers, such a top will significantly lengthen legs.

clothes for short legs

Dresses and tunics for short-legged ones

Dresses and tunics for short-legged ones

It’s better to choose dresses flared from the chest or with a rim under the breast so that the waistline is not strongly emphasized. Loose dresses will fit, too. The length, in general, does not matter, you can easily hide where exactly your legs begin under the dress or tunic.

Peculiarities of women with short legs

Such women have realistic views upon life. They place their interests above everything, but at the same time, they can be manipulated from aside. Despite the strong support under their feet, they are prone to frequent and sharp mood swings: they see everything in bright colors at one moment, then go into deep depression and apathy on the other. Most of the girls with short legs are quite temperamental persons, they often want to be in the spotlight, they love shocking.

Regardless the length of the legs, any woman should properly and regularly look after them. Will she give her legs as much attention, as many times men look at them during the day? A significant load is on legs, they are almost constantly in tension. The modern rhythm of life implies much walking and standing. Sitting for long is not beneficial for legs, either. If one’s feet do not receive enough care and attention,  during the time they begin attracting attention with various types of pains.

Girls, whose body proportions are far from perfect, are often excessively addicted to sweets and pastries or eat food in large quantities. Women put on shoes on high thin heels, and then run, trying to catch up with the leaving bus. They wear narrow shoes, letting their feet breathe freely only at the end of the day when they come home. Wearing shoes with high heels, they carry heavy bags, chancing to slip and fall. Some people constantly drive by car or public transportation, forgetting about the benefits of walking. And overloaded legs don’t endure – varicose veins, flat feet, various swelling and bone growths appear. Women get irritated, feel tired, their mood gets worse.

Therefore, it is important to carry out various prophylactic measures for foot care. For this, it is not necessary to visit expensive luxury salons, it is enough to prepare a bath for feet with sea salt or bischofite. In the process, you can enjoy watching your favorite TV series or reading an interesting book. A foot massage with aromatic oil or moisturizing cream is very useful, as projections of all vital organs are on feet. Mint, juniper or lavender oil will help to remove fatigue from your feet and relax your muscles. Any citrus oil perfectly removes swelling and tones the skin of the legs.